Registered Loans

Registered Loans Available

If a cashflow problem is keeping you from contributing to your registered retirement savings plan, think about getting an RRSP, RESP or TFSA loan.

Should I Borrow to Maximize My RRSP, RESP or TFSA?

With interest rates at record lows, maybe you should consider taking out a loan to maximize or top-up your savings in a registered account. You can get your loan quickly and directly through us.

Consider these Additional Benefits

1. Help achieve your retirement goals faster

With a registered savings plan loan, you can invest a greater amount upfront – and your investments will have more opportunity to benefit from compound returns.

2. Maximize your unused contribution room

Catch up on unused RRSP, RESP or TFSA contribution room to help ensure sufficient savings at retirement

3. Make a larger tax-deductible contribution

An RSP loan can help you make a larger contribution to your RRSP

4. Save now. Pay later

We can offer you deferral payment options of up to 180 days plus flexible payment terms of 1 to 10 years

Important Information

Investment loans are offered through B2B Bank, a subsidiary of Laurentian Bank. Visit the B2B Bank website for more details about this service.

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Apply for an RRSP Loan

An RRSP loan from GP Wealth Management can help you make a bigger RRSP contribution and accelerate your retirement savings.


Related information

  • RRSP Loan FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions About RRSP Loans

    In this FAQ, we answer the most common questions asked about RRSP loans. If you have any specific questions, send us an email and we would be pleased to help.


    What payment options are available?

    Flexible payment options are available. You can choose from weekly to monthly payment dates. The chart below outlines all of your payment date options:

    Payment FrequencyPayment Date
    Weekly Monday - Friday
    Bi-weekly Friday
    Semi-monthly1st and 16th
    MonthlyYour choice of any date

    Can I repay my RRSP loan without penalty?

    Yes, RRSP loans can be paid off at any time without penalty – no payout fee and no minimum interest charge.

    Can I transfer-in my existing RRSP loans into one?

    Yes, you can combine your existing RRSP loans held in the same plan with the same borrower/co-borrower combination.

    Can I extend my existing RRSP loan?

    Yes, you can extend your existing RRSP loans to a maximum of ten years from the original funding date.

  • Why Defer My Payment Option?

    Why Defer My Payment Option?

    Many investors use this option of deferring the start date to allow enough time to receive a tax refund to repay the RRSP loan.

    You can choose to defer payments up to six months with the first payment occurring no later than July 31, but you should know that this is NOT an interest-free period.

    The loan term begins on the funding date of the loan and not the first payment date.

  • Now You Can Transfer-in Your RRSP Loan

    Now You Can Transfer-in Your RRSP Loan

    Consolidate your assets at GP Wealth Management into one RRSP by transferring in the RRSP loan and assets. We’ll arrange to repay your existing RRSP loan held by any other lender and arrange to lend you additional funds.

    By consolidating all of your registered accounts with GP Wealth Management, we will provide you with one statement, saving you time and money tracking your investment. In addition, with online access, your accounts are available 24-7.

  • RRSP Loan Rates

    RRSP Loan Rates

    Calculate the benefit of borrowing for an RRSP contribution. With the immediate tax deduction and the tax-free growth, you can determine the right amount to borrow to help achieve your retirement goal. Then you can decide on the type of retirement products that are best for you.

    RSP loan rates

    Important Notice

    Investment loans are offered through B2B Bank, a subsidiary of Laurentian Bank. Visit the B2B Bank website for more details about this service.

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  • Open an RRSP Account

    Open an RRSP Account

    When you open an RRSP Account with GP Wealth Management, you receive up to $125 towards transfer costs.

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