Manulife One

Do You Have a Plan for Debt Elimination?

Introducing Manulife One

How you structure and manage your cash flow are important considerations in managing your finances. Manulife One is an innovative all-in-one account that combines your mortgage and other loans with your income and short-term savings, which could save you interest costs.


Manulife One Benefits

  • Lets you consolidate your debts to reduce your borrowing costs
  • Uses your income and savings to reduce your borrowing costs even further
  • Simplifies your banking by bringing your income and debt together
  • Lets you enjoy financial flexibility

Simplify your banking

Why not try a mortgage that gives you a great rate and makes it easier to pay down your principal? With an all-in-one borrowing and chequing account, you can simplify your banking and put your money to work right away.


Get out of debt sooner

Take your financial plan “one” step further! Request more information about the innovative Manulife One solution.

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Get Started

Use this calculator to input information about your home, mortgage, savings, debt and income to see how Manulife One could save you money and get you debt-free faster.

Manulife One Savings Calculator


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