Mortgage Life Insurance

Before committing to a mortgage, be sure you have the right mortgage protection to secure your family's financial future.

Do You Need Mortgage Life Insurance?

Consider what might happen if you were to die suddenly. Are you confident your home would continue to be a place of refuge for your loved ones? Could they afford the mortgage payments without your income? Is there a possibility they would be forced to sell and move elsewhere?

You can safeguard your family home with mortgage life insurance. A mortgage life insurance policy offers flexible, low-cost coverage. It will give you peace of mind that your loved ones will always be protected and safe in their home.

Benefits of Insurance

  • Most insurance products offer creditor protection
  • Can protect your family against sudden loss
  • Provides an important part of your estate planning

Here’s Where We Can Help!

Our professional financial advisors will prepare an analysis to first help you determine your insurance needs. Then, we help you decide on the protection that is best for you.


Related Information

  • Compare Mortgage Insurance Products

    Compare Mortgage Insurance Products

    You’ll discover many similarities in the coverage provided by bank mortgage insurance and personal mortgage insurance. However, there are also significant differences in coverage and costs.

    Compare personal mortgage insurance vs bank mortgage insurance

    Personal Mortgage Insurance Bank Mortgage
    Total comprehensive coverage, including the mortgage, line of credit, and credit cardsCovers remaining balance of an existing mortgage
    The beneficiary of the insurance can be who you chooseThe bank (lender) is the beneficiary of the insurance
    Your coverage reduces as the mortgage balance decreasesYour coverage reduces as the mortgage balance decreases
    Coverage is portable when switching to new lenderPremiums do not decrease
    Not all individuals are approved for coverageRe-qualify for coverage if you switch lenders
    Underwriting is done when borrower applies for coverageAlmost all individuals are approved for coverage
    In many cases, term life insurance provides better and cheaper coverage Underwriting is done at death of borrow
  • Insurance Companies Represented

    Insurance Companies Represented by GP Capital Insurance Agency Ltd.

    Through GP Capital Insurance Agency Ltd., we offer a wide variety of insurance products from 15 leading insurance companies to satisfy individuals, families and business owners. With every new stage of life comes a need to review your insurance plan.

    Life Insurance Companies Represented

    BMO INSURANCEHumania Assurance
    Canada LifeManulife Financial
    EMPIRE LIFESun Life Financial
    Equitable LifeIVARI

    Segregated Funds Represented

    Invesco Segregated FundsGreat West Life Assurance Co.
    CI Segregated FundsMackenzie Segregated Funds
    Canada LifeStandard Life
    Empire LifeTD Guaranteed Funds

    If you have any questions about purchasing mortgage life insurance, send us an email and we would be pleased to help.


Important Information

GP Wealth Management offers insurance products through GP Capital Insurance Agency Ltd.

Investor Protection

Insurance products provided by GP Capital Insurance Agency are covered by Assuris.


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