Bonds & Debentures

Generating Predictable Income and Returns

Bonds and debentures are just two of the many qualified investments approved by Canada Revenue Agency for inclusion in a Registered Account.

As fixed-income assets, bonds and debentures have a stated and fixed income and a definable life span. The key difference between these two investment options is how they’re secured:

  • Bonds are secured by physical assets
  • Debentures are secured by other means

Your GP Wealth Management financial advisor can help you determine whether bonds and debentures are appropriate for your portfolio, as well as which of the many available options are a match for your investment and risk-tolerance profile.

Important Information

Bonds and Debentures are made available to GP Wealth Management clients through an exclusive referral arrangement with B2B Securities. Speak to your financial advisor for details about this service.

The Value of Advice

Canadians with financial advisors are more confident about their future.


Client Relationship Document

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