LIRA Account

A LIRA, or a Locked-In Retirement Account, is designed to accumulate funds from a pension plan.

Locked-in Retirement Account (LIRA)

When leaving a job with a company pension, you may decide to move that pension into your own registered account. But due to government regulations, you can’t turn your pension into cash.

The alternative is to convert your pension into a locked-in RRSP or LIRA until you retire. A locked-in RRSP or LIRA offers the same flexibility in investing vehicles as an RRSP. When you are ready to retire, you can then convert the LIRA into a LIF or LRIF or purchase a LIF annuity.

Benefits of a LIRA Account

  • Tax-sheltered growth
  • Flexible investment options
  • Tax savings

We Offer 5 LIRA Investment Account Choices

Signature Service LIRA Account

It’s a premium asset management service that’s commission free and gives you access to all the services, advice and investment options you need to meet your financial goals.

Mutual Fund LIRA

Choose from an extensive lineup of mutual funds from more than 35 fund management companies. Our fund selection encompasses a full range of savings, income and growth funds.

Managed Portfolio LIRA

Building a diversified portfolio and constantly monitoring and adjusting it takes time and expertise. For this reason, many investors prefer our “All-In-One Fund Solution,” which offers an easy and effective way to handle the money management and asset mix.


We offer LIRA Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) in terms ranging from one to five years. GICs provide guaranteed principal and interest, so they make an ideal addition to a diversified portfolio.

Self-Directed LIRA

Our platform provides all the available products under one plan, with maximum flexibility to manage your investments.

Get Started Now!

Open a LIRA account or transfer your existing LIRA account to GP Wealth Management. We encourage you to get professional advice when managing your LIRA account.


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